November 11, 2013
By Anonymous

I’ve never been much for math but the way I feel when I meet you is like solving an equation
you are the variable, I found my ‘y’ in you.
I want to touch you with my arms at a right angle to your body and my hands parallel, laid flat against your torso going in the same direction together.
I want our feet to be 6 inches apart when we kiss, I want to graph the parabola, the change in the curve of the graph as my tongue hits your teeth.
I want to touch you in straight lines, this makes perfect sense
love is so, so messy but you make me feel like I can figure it out
the geometry of us makes perfect sense
Parentheses: the shapes we form when we fall asleep, and when we hug in the streets because it’s still too risky to kiss but we still need to touch somehow
Exponentially: the way the energy between us builds up the longer we look at each other, the closer together we move and the raspier our voices get when it’s no longer time for talking
Multiplication: I didn’t realize my reasons to live would double, triple, quadruple but I can count every part of your body and double it with my own and that makes it worth it.
Division: sick how we can’t be together all the way, sick that this wall built saying one of us should have a penis but neither of us does and we’re not apologetic, after all we are a fraction making us one on top of the other, beside the other even if you think you’ve reduced us.
Addition: we’re taking this one by one by one day at a time and my heart beats one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one plus one beats a second with each one by one step you take towards me
Subtraction: the catcalls and comments and ignorance is getting smaller by the day. isn’t that wonderful. your love has been so loud and it has drowned out my potential murderers.

I’ve failed so many math classes in school but I’ve passed the most important one here today when, for the second time in my life, I learned that 1+1=2. In every language.

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