My First Halloween

November 1, 2013
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Yes, the heading is right. Tomorrow will be my first Halloween ever. No, I am not crazy. In my country we don’t celebrate Halloween. This holiday is celebrating mostly in English-speaking countries, such as Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and of course in the United States. I know Halloween only from American movies so I was really excited about it!

The preparation began maybe month ago. You could easy notice in grocery stores - tons of candies, fake skeletons, scary spiders, in front of the store containers full of pumpkins, and all other kinds of Halloween decoration everywhere where you look! It was so crazy, I felt like Alice in a wonderland. Even the shops were decorated and almost every house.

We started decorating our house. We put bats stickers on the walls, pumpkins on the windows. The bushes in front of our house were full of fake spider’s webs with big scary spiders. In the house you could meet witches with smiles, but you could tell that it’s the evil smile. Candles all around the living room, when they were lighted on, it looked like we were having some seance. It looked really good! And I shouldn’t forget mention the man who was sitting on the chair in front of the main door. The man who had a lighting pumpkin instead of a head and skin that looked like a hay. Our scarecrow that we made. I think that if he were in middle of the field no bird would dare to come closer!

One of the most important things that I needed was a costume. I didn’t have any idea what I want to be. Something scary? Something funny? My host mother took me to Party shop where was a really big selection of everything. I had already small picture in my head what could I be. I was thinking about a “fancy witch”. I found a hat that I could use but what else? I definitely need some dresses. That was a problem. I couldn’t find anything that I liked. And when saw it, I changed my mind. I will be pink fairy. Well someone may think that it is childish, but I thought it was cute. And I couldn’t wait to wear these big pink wings (even I almost killed everyone who was near me; I found out that it was kinda dangerous costume).

The second important thing was a pumpkin. Here, in the USA, you have two options how to get a pumpkin. You can either buy it in a grocery store or you can go on a pumpkin field and pick your own. And I think picking your own is much more fun than just buying some small and ugly one in astore. So my another experience was picking up my pumpkin that I would carve. There was like a million of pumpkins on the field! You could see orange colour everywhere. I am not used to see so much pumpkins, in Czech Republic we don’t grow them.

Last Saturday was for me a “pumpkin day”. In the morning we chose what pattern we want to do. I really liked a witch on a broomstick and a cat. I could really good imagine how great it would look together. Witches always have a black cats as their partner, right? I have decided that I would put the witch at the front side and the cat at the back. Before started carving, I was nervous. This was my first time doing it and I didn’t want to have a retarded witch and a cat with one eye big as a tennis ball. But my host mother really helped me, she is good at doing these things. I opened it, took out all seeds, taped my pattern with a duct tape and started. After some time my pumpkin looked good. Actually really good. I liked it, it was my first time doing it and I didn’t mess it up! Hurray! Later the night when I put a candle inside my carved masterpiece, it looked like a real Halloween.

Few days ago we finished our gingerbread house. And we almost didn’t put it together. It was so hard, the icing was everywhere (even in my hair), sometimes the pieces didn’t fit good together, but we fixed it. We spent more than 3 hours putting our scary house together and decorating it. And I am not sure if it worth it because it wasn’t even 24 hours and we have already brake it and started eating it. All the work ended in our hungry stomachs… But it is very good!

On thursday was the day D. (Or T as a Trick or Treating?) We were so lucky, because it was really warm night and it wasn’t raining. I felt like a small child again. I was so excited about it. Going house to house, people already waiting for you a giving you candies and saying how cute your costume is. I used super-cute plastic pumpkin for my candies, that was really quick full so I had to use my pillow case.

I had really nice night. This holiday is incredible. Free candies. Wearing whatever costume you want. Being out late with your friends. And the most important thing - FREE CANDIES! I think we should start doing it in Czech Republic too.

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