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October 30, 2013
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As teenagers we go through the process of learning how to drive, and getting our first car, very exciting right? Well I don’t have a car yet but I’m hoping I get one pretty soon. I got my permit about three months ago and driving is not as easy as it looks like.

I have had many experiences as a new driver, sometimes funny, sometimes scary. Well having to drive with my dad next to me is hard. Sometimes I feel like he puts too much pressure on me and I’m just learning. I get frustrated when I drive because my dad yells at me for mistakes that I have made while driving. I always try my best to impress him and when he compliments the way I drive, it feels amazing.

Getting scared is not an option when driving. One time I was driving to the new house my parents bought, just to go see it. I didn’t notice that was a one way road and I turned the wrong way. I Have to admit I was really scared because I could have caused and accident. But thanks God nothing happened to me or my family.

Although my dad puts too much pressure on me while I’m driving, I thing at the bottom he has confidence on me. One day my dad asked me to help him drive to New York because he was tired. It was difficult at first but then I just had to relax. I was doing a good job and then, I was going to cause an accident. When I was trying to change lanes there was a truck coming behind and I didn’t see it, it was scaring but nothing happened. I was surprised that my dad didn't get mad at me; he just helped me getting through the situation.

As new drivers we have to relax and think that our parents only want the best for us. Even though they don’t realize that yelling at us is not always going to work. Our parents just want us to get better at everything we do. We have to learn from the mistakes we make while driving. Also we have to be careful and not put our life in danger, wearing a seatbelt is not difficult.

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