Friends: A Short Story for Those Like Me

October 5, 2013
By , Ijamsville, MD
We walked downstairs he led the way after all it was his house he should be the one to led into his basement which I had never been before.

The laughing girls snapped my mind back into place, this wasn’t his basement we were going in this was my friends basement. Unfinished basements, are the devil playing house. They hid your fears and find fiends that you didn’t even know existed or that couldn’t possibly. All the girls were laughing I just looked at the two couches and the rug that had been set up for our comfort.

“We’re going to bring down the TV later and watch some movies. My brother has brought the TV down before so we can get him to help. Does anyone have problems sleeping down here?”

“No this is going to be fun” was the reply that everyone said some version of, even me.

At the end of the steps he lifted me up and hugged me over and over. Something scared me about these hugs; something just wasn’t right about the look in his eyes and I felted scared of him. He had been my best friend he knew all my secrets. I even had a crush on him at one point but that was over now and I had a boyfriend. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind then he kissed me. I froze. Once he got it out of his system we could back to normal.
After a nice dinner we went into the girl who owned the house tree house. It was nice if not completely finished. After some movement to get the more likely to fall into the middle we started to gossip. Someone pulled out their phone or iPod or something and started playing wicked songs and I was having fun.

“Went it gets dark we should play manhunt.”

“It would be fun” general reply.

“First we need to watch pitch perfect please. My mom won’t let me see it but I want to see it so bad.”

When we went inside we brought down the TV and set up the movie, we had some snacks, the twizzlers magically ended up in my shirt. As the movie started my best friend was laying on me.
“What should we watch?”
He had finished moving the couch in front of the TV. He was holding a few discs in front of me.
“Transformers, I haven’t seen it yet.”
I was so right after that outburst things went back to normal. He was my best friend again after the movie was in he sat next to me. That look was back and he pulled me into his lap his hands gripped my wrists pinning me there.
“Tell me you love me”
“Kiss me”
“No, you’re hurting me.”
He moved me after a while when he words got him nowhere. His head was laying on my chest and I stared blankly at the screen showing me robots that I hated.

The movie was over and the damage was done. It was time to play manhunt, but my mind was locked on that night. I couldn’t stay in this basement for one more second. We had one finder and then we hid in pairs. WE had little over a minute to hide and my partner and I hid behind the AC unit. Low to the ground in a little ball.

At one point he stole my hat and ran out onto his trampoline. I should have run upstairs and out of the house but I ran after him. I hated him and I felt used and worthless. I couldn’t get it back and he keep pinning me down, kissing me, touching me, trapping me. Part of me died.
After that round I got a new partner and we hid up high. I didn’t think of him when I was high. Up in the trees I felt free the first time in year that memories didn’t stab my mind like knives. All too soon it was over and we went back in the house. We watched another movie, Mulan. I got the couch to myself since that’s where I was sleeping. But in the dark my mind turned on me once more.
When we went back inside he rewound the movie some and we watched the whole ending. I hated it we didn’t speak. There was nothing to be said. I wanted to die. His dad took us the Ledo’s. He had me sit so he was between me and the exit. I didn’t speak to them. It was only when I got home did I realize I didn’t feel anything. I was totally numb.
Not to worry I know how to make myself feel again.

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