First Day Of School

October 12, 2013
It’s the feeling in your stomach when you groggily lean over and smash your tired hand down to silence your nuisance of an alarm clock
It’s slowly rising out of bed only to sleepily slip into the clothes you finicky picked out the night before
It’s walking downstairs to find the hustle and bustle of various family members rushing to complete various tasks
It’s grabbing a quick bite to eat, realizing you under budgeted the time you needed to perfectly apply your makeup and primp your hair in the morning
It’s the silent car ride to school ended with a fleeting “goodbye honey, have a great day!” from mom as you hurry out the door
It’s the flood of hugs and eager greetings from all the friends you missed but never really made time to see over the summer
It’s the slight nerves you feel walking into a new classroom, even though you’ve done this a million times in years past
It’s the first day of school

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