The love bug.

September 27, 2013
How do we know what is love?Who is our soulmate?What are the symptoms of being in love?These questions have been driving me insane for a couple of years now.The question whose answer I long for is this.Can it be possible that I am in love with someone who is not my boyfriend,just a childhood buddy?

Yeah,this is my weird story.I mean he is a friend since I was 7.Now,I'm 16 and he is 17.We go to same classes.We take the same lessons.He is certainly not my best friend!But I have no idea what happened to me that I started liking him.I am glad I did because no matter what, the feeling is awesome.I have this crazy crush since two years.I coldn't hold it any longer and I blurted it out through a friend.He came to know and well,poo!His reaction wasn't really ummm great.Ok,he said he does not feel the same.Funny,cause I remember him giving me long glances when a lecture was on,looking at me while he was standing outside the school with his friends.I brushed it all off initially thinking that it is just some infatuation.But no!I never could get him out of my mind.I still can't.The moment I see him my stomach flips upside down.I go all red in my face.I can't help looking at him thinking how handsome he is!I think I've fallen in love.

Inspite of being rejected,I can't move on.It's like I have this crazy illness that is not curable and that occupies a certain part of my brain at every instant of the day.I mean,C'mon,some people have a huge ego if they don't get the reaction that they expect.It happened to me and believe me,I have an ego bigger than the great wall of China.It should have been easier for ME to get over him.Its not!Why does he still have to look at me for a few seconds?Doesn't he get it?IT IS NOT EASY FOR ME!

It does not feel like a teenage crush.It feels like the real thing.You know that feeling that you get of belonging with just one person?I get it so bad when he talks to me!He is so nice and so kind-hearted.He did not go out and brag to his mates about squashing some girl's offer of going out with her.I know he wants the best for me and wants me to move on.How can I?I have it bad for him.I am hopelessly in love with him.

I google like a maniac about love symptoms!Can you believe it?I just wish there was a sensible answer to all this which would finally let me have a mind as clear as a crystal! Ah,bliss!

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