Struggling for Acceptance MAG

September 23, 2013
By Anonymous

I believe that people who are gay and transgender should enjoy the same rights and fair treatment as their straight counterparts. As a gay young adult, I know what it feels like to be mistreated and judged solely by my sexual orientation. This judgment has prevented me from being completely open about my sexuality around people I don't know; I even struggle to feel comfortable around my parents. I think it is unjust and immoral for Christians to believe that homosexuality is a sin. In fact, some heterosexual Christians make decisions that in my opinion go directly against the teachings of the Bible. At the very heart of the matter, it is about fair and equal treatment for all.

My mom and step-dad believed that they could changed me back to “normal” when they caught me looking at certain websites in sixth grade. My parents are very religious and live their lives by the Bible. Anything that goes against their faith is difficult for them to accept and respect. For example, whenever there was a story about gay rights on the news, they would declare that it was stupid and pointless. I remember their embarrassment, shame, and anger when they found out about my sexual orientation. They even threatened to disown me for being gay.

Growing up, I was less masculine than the other boys. I always preferred to play indoors and hated rough-housing and sports. I played with dolls instead of action figures. My parents got divorced when I was little, and I lived with my mom and grandma until my mom remarried.

In middle school, my classmates spread rumors about me. Every day they would ask me if I was gay and I would say no, but finally I realized that I did like guys. I accepted who I was but tried my best to hide it.

The day my parents found out I am gay was the darkest day of my life. My mom's expression was as though she was looking at Lucifer himself. My parents locked me in my room and yelled through the door, “You want to be gay!” and “Devil get out of my son!”

I knew their yelling wasn't going to change the fact that I was a “faggot,” as my step-dad called me. They believed that I was possessed by a demon and asked the Lord to change me and lead me to the right path.

Every day they forced me to pray with them and read the Bible. They made me participate in church activities, so I just faked my way through them. Whenever my mom asked me questions, I would lie. I was grounded and mistrusted. My mom could barely stand to look at or speak to me.

Since then I have let my mom believe that I am straight and never going back to being gay. I would prefer to be honest with my family, but I fear her wrath.

A gay person is the same as any other person on the inside. I believe that gays should be treated like anyone else and have the same rights as straight people.

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