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September 10, 2013
By TheArtfulDodger BRONZE, Oakwood, Ohio
TheArtfulDodger BRONZE, Oakwood, Ohio
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When I think about my life as a little kid I think of hurt and let downs. When I was 6 I started my first year in school. The first day went fine. The first week went fine. Then I got bullied. I was called bad things, hit, and kicked. I remember it so well, but I wish I didn’t. In my second year of first grade, (I was held back) I had 3 friends: Destiny, Hunter, and Elijah. They were all younger than me. I didn’t care. Well one day the sixth graders, who were the bullies, “took over” the fort on the “bottom ground”. Let me explain. We had the top ground, which was pretty much a square of blocked off parking lot and then we had the bottom ground, which had all the fun stuff. Anyhow… Evan Chapeaus, Rebecca, Rachel, and Jacob Swenson, and some others said that the fort and bridge was theirs. What was really stupid was that the teachers didn’t care and weren’t watching. Well my friends and I called ourselves the Three Musketeers, I know there were four of us but Hunter was the youngest, so we called him D’Artagnan (pronounce it: Dart-an-yon). Honestly I’m surprised we knew that back then! So we tried to stand up to these bullies. They had pulled the ladder and rope up, they blocked off the monkey bars, and pulled up the rope ladder (different from the rope, and ladder).
So the “Three Musketeers” (plus D’Artagnan) climbed up the side and the slide of the fort. Destiny and I made it up first. Evan tried to push me off but I grabbed something too fast. Then he pushed Destiny. She wasn’t as fast as I, and fell off. I approximate the fort itself was 10 feet high maybe. When she hit the ground she laid there. The remaining of our group and I yelled her name. She didn’t get up. I looked over to the teachers, but they didn’t see it. That made me furious. By that time all my comrades were in the fort each holding on to something for support so they weren’t pushed out. I threw the first punch. Being a little first grader I hit Evan in the stomach as hard as I could. When he bent over in surprise, I hit him in the face. The other bullies were going to join him when Hunter and Elijah stepped forward. We didn’t go down without a fight. True, we knew defeat was inevitable, but we wouldn’t give up. I was only going to talk to them or try to bargain with them, but after Evan pushed Destiny, I was full of rage and ready for my revenge.
After we fought for 7 or 8 minutes, the teachers FINALLY noticed. By that time, Hunter had his arm twisted behind his back by Jacob Swenson, Elijah was doubled over with pain, and I had a bloody lip and sore eye. But I was still fighting. The teachers finally came over and looked at Destiny. By now she was sitting up dazed and unaware of what was happening around her. We were all taken straight to the principal’s office. Destiny was crying, and we all had icepacks. It was a strange sight. The principal old us we were wrong for what we did. But even now, if I were in that situation, I’d do the same thing, over and over.
Another time, when I was in maybe…. second grade, Elijah and I were on the bridge. It was one of those bridges where if you jump on it, it bounces. All at once Evan, Rebecca, and Jacob come up. We were in the middle of the bridge surrounded by bullies. Suddenly they all jumped and “sky-rocketed” Elijah and I. We landed him on top of me face flat on the bridge. But did it stop there? No, no it didn’t. They kept jumping. It hurt, but I never told my mom.

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