September 11, 2013
By Aleeha BRONZE, Lahore, Other
Aleeha BRONZE, Lahore, Other
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It was a lovely Monday morning when I really realized that I must had a heart of a bullock. The birds were chirping and the cold breeze of the beautiful weather blowed around my pimply cheeks. I got dressed up for school and had decided to take revenge from Lucy (the bully).
Fifteen years back, when I was still a toddler, my mother left me and my father all alone. After breakfast, I hugged my Dad tightly. "Goodbye Daddy!", I greeted him and rushed towards the school.

As I entered the school, everyone was staring at me and giggling and murmuring that I can never ever win from Lucy, even in my nightmare. But I marched towards the classroom with my head straight upwards and confidentially. The time passed slowly but I waited patiently.
After school, I was suppose to meet Lucy at the back side of the school, where nobody usually went. I trooped into the ground and found a big girl with wide eyes, long curly hair, muscular arms and an ugly looking face, named Lucy. She slowly trudged towards me, I started feeling a bit jittery, my face turned pale, my heart started to beat rapidly and goosebumps could be seen all over my body. Without any warning she pulled me over from my collar and grinned ( to show a sign of sheer wrath) "Just give up or ...", she bellowed. Lucy at once, started to laugh, without completing her sentence, she proclaimed loudly "Oh! I'm sorry! I forgot that you don't have a mother (as she usually said)", she snarled leaving my collar. I felt very sorrow. Tears blurred my vision ad I gathered up all my courage and belaboured her furiously and in one second Lucy was on the ground. She howled and whimpered in pain. "Have you had enough?", I asked her panting deeply. I was going to have a go at her when she cried "I give up! I-I accept my defeat, you-you win ", she stammered.

This cooled me a bit down and I simply nodded my head. I felt like I did something I should have done before she could insult my parents. Anyway, it was a courageous act I've ever done before.

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