Why the Feelings?

August 23, 2013
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When born into this world you are not told of all the hurt you are going to endure, but you learn through the experiences, you learn from the feelings.

Feelings are something so powerful and strong it can build up so much, but can easily fall to pieces in a moment. You see you grow these feelings for someone because you know everything feels right. These things you feel inside seem as if you’re dreaming, and it is that dream you don’t want to wake up from because of the perfection you see in the future. You do things that you wouldn’t normally do because you feel secure, you become open, and you feel like as if these feelings are everlasting. You grow closer, you find love, and you become blind to such bad.

But what about the world, the world that can act upon ones feelings. These feelings you have, cannot just be shattered by you or the person, but by the world acting upon the people with feelings so strong. You see the world doesn’t understand the feelings that you feel inside, it didn’t endure all you have endured for such things, it hasn’t felt the love you felt for the that person so close to, it hasn’t seen what person it has created you into. These feelings could be in one relationship and sometimes one in a friendship. Growing strong feelings in any type of relation is a risk. A risk of being hurt by that person, a risk of fake truth, or a risk of what others, the world, could do to shatter such this beauty into unfixable and unfindable pieces. Yes you may gather the pieces once again but, the ones not found make such feelings to be unsure in the second try.

So why do we grow these feelings, to not know that in the end all will be gone love will be torn, and pain will be that only feeling felt. I don’t know why feelings are evident to our human race, but he put them there for someone reason. Maybe for someone seeking of happiness, someone needing of a friend, someone wanting of true love, or to reveal to these people of who may not be trusted.

Feelings are something I have grown for someone, a friend, a best friend. Someone I have learned to love and care for and would do anything for, but I guess I was to blinded by the world, to see that “it” was always a step behind, for the chance to shatter the building of the things that I and my best friend have built up which such love and care. To know that someone you thought was a supporter in the relation, was the one right behind you waiting for the right moment to break apart all.

There’s always someone with experiences with feelings, what’s your story? Why the Feelings?

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