It was just a coincidence. Was it?

August 12, 2013
By , dhaka, Bangladesh
A few days ago i had a sick mind,thinking of something,having a bad mood.Maybe it happened a week ago.I slept lately that day.The time was around 1:00 am.Before sleeping i felt something weird.But as it happens often with me so i damn cared.But it was not a regular night for me.. was it mystery or supernatural or just a coincidence?whatever it was,was scary for me.I saw a dream..but the weird thing is that i knew that i am dreaming while dreaming!At the very of my dream i saw a man standing at a corner of my room.maybe i was alone at home.I just saw that man staring at me while standing at the dark shade of the corner.he asked me if i could give him a glass of i went to the kitchen to get some.I found a new glass which has the title 'love in paris'.It was new to me. i never saw that glass.i poured some water in glass and just broke it.i just woke up screaming...and saw my mom near me.i holded my mom's hand tightly and layed down.

My mom made me awake cause we needed to go to the mall for EID shopping.The mall was quite far from our home so we arrived there in 2 hours ..In the mall my mom found her cousin,who got married a month ago.So they started gossiping..and the lady gossip got running for quite mom noticed me feeling bored.So she took me to a restaurent inside the mall and ordered a soup for me and started gossiping again.The day was quite normal until drinking the soup.Ine man came closer to me and sat in front of me.I got a bit sared and thought to call out my mom..but i didn't.I was a little confused because the man looked similar to the man in the dream.But i did'nt take that seriously thinking it could be a coincidence.Suddenly,i saw the man smiling at me while wearing his blue jacket.He said,'Don't be scared of me,i just came to thank you'I asked that man the reason with big eyes.The man stared at me wit a confused face and said,"you seem to know nothing!yesterday I was dying for a sip of water.You were the great girl who helped me!"I stood up and felt stupid.I was senseless.The man ran away soon as a thief.I was standing for a while at the same position.i saw my mom coming with a big smile withing ten or fifteen minutes..she came closer to me and asked to start shopping.I,,without any answer asked my mom the to go home.My mom cast a bad look at me and said that we can't go home without shopping.But after a second she thought something and instantly she relented.My mom seemed to be scared too.she took me to home as soon as she could.And withing an hour we reached home.MY mom ran into the kitchen and broke something.At the very moment,i ran into the kitchen to see what happened.I saw a glass broken..the same glass broken..having the title'love in paris' And again,i saw the price tag.My mom bought it and it was new to me.Completely new.I felt scared but thinking it was just a coincidence.But was it?

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