The Lull of the Ocean

July 29, 2013
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It is a silent, dark night. Everything is still, quiet, and calm except for the soft shh-shh of the ocean waves. The moon has peeked out shyly from behind the clouds, lighting up the world with its gaze. My bare feet dig into the soft, warm sand as I make my way to the water. I can hear the gentle waves calling and urging me to join them. Come, they whisper. Come. I listen. The sand becomes firmer as I get nearer while the calm ocean welcomes me by washing over my feet. The feeling of the cool salt water is comforting. I love the way the water swirls in the sand around me and how the wind ruffles my hair and embraces me. I wish I could stay at this exact moment forever. With my feet dipped in the cool water, the warm wind behind my back and the quietness surrounding me, I am content. In this moment, everything is all right. Staring into the wide expanse of darkness, I wonder what is out there. What sea creatures are dancing in the dark and mysterious sea? Are there little fishes swimming around? The sea sprays my legs with a powerful wave, telling me it’s time for me to go. As I turn around and head away, I look up at the sky and smile. The moon is still there, watching.

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FiddleBunny said...
Aug. 6, 2013 at 9:10 pm
Hey guys, If you have a moment please leave a comment about what was running through your head as you were reading. Tell me how I did and I'd love to hear any suggestions. Thanks!
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