July 23, 2013
By langgg_ PLATINUM, Columbia, Maryland
langgg_ PLATINUM, Columbia, Maryland
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to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift- Steve Prefontaine

Gone. Lost like a drop of rain in the ocean. Just among others of its kind, but no longer accessible. It is there, but all at once it is not and you cannot reach for it because you do not know where it went. But then one day you find it... and it looks as if it is doing fine without you, then again you look the exact same way. Inside you are dying, you need it to come back and restore the part of you it took, but it won't. You caused it to leave and never return. It feels the same way as you... lost, alone, in need... but it is well aware it will never be able to let go if it came back. It acts as if it is not drowning out in the ocean without you. It acts like it it has nothing but a faint memory of you. It acts as if it doesn't need you, for it knows if it keeps thinking these things they will one day come true.

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