Good People

July 21, 2013
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It was a bright Sunday morning, and I woke up early. I dressed up in my favorite Kimono top with matching red shoes. I put my hair up into a ponytail and went with my mother to the hospital. It is funny how I felt so happy visiting someone in the hospital, but today was the day my best friend was getting discharged. My mother dropped me and went away, so I was on my own. I had a bit of trouble finding Sara’s room, you see her room number was “201” and I went to room “210”. There, I found on the bed laying an old woman. I decided to go back, but she called me inside. So, I went to her; she asked me who I was and I told her that I had just come to visit a friend. She smiled and invited me to sit for a while, normally I don’t talk to strangers but the woman seemed nice and friendly.

Within a few minutes we became old- friends and I found myself talking and listening freely to her while normally I’m really shy while talking to someone new, let alone a grown-up! She told me about her life, she had two sons; one of them died whilst the younger one left her in an “old Home”. She said she was completely lonely, until one day a family of four (two parents and two teens; a girl and a boy) came to volunteer at the “old age home”. It was years since she had seen such a true, loving and caring family. They were poor but they had hearts so they volunteered at orphanages and homes for elderly people. They adopted the old woman as their Grandma and now she lived with them. I was really astonished to hear thins; never before had I ever even ‘heard’ of such kind and caring people but all of my doubts were removed as I saw a family of four come in. The mother and her son came and sat near the old woman and talked freely to her calling her “grandma” and “mother” all the time. The old lady told them about me and we said hello. The father and the daughter who was about my age were standing and joining the conversation as well. They were so kind and loving to each other that even I became jealous of their perfectly united family. Between their conversations the old woman asked for a cup of tea and the girl rushed out of the room to buy it from the hospital canteen. Suddenly, I remembered what I had really come to the hospital for so after asking permission and saying good-bye I went out of the room. I found the girl standing there right outside the door. She shifted uneasily and said, “I’m really sorry to cause you such a problem..but can you lend me some money? I…uh..haven’t got my pay yet and Grandma asked for a cup of tea…” she said without a breath. I cut her off and reached my pocket and handed her a dollar note. She took it and thanked me and asked for my address. I told her my address as she insisted and she said she’d return the money as soon as possible.

I went away to visit my friend, all the time thinking about how could a girl her age do a part time job. I am a student as well and there’s no way you can work that hard after all the burden of studies. I told my friend about the people I had just met and she was as surprised as I was.
The next day, I received an urgent mail from an unknown address, inside was a one dollar note and a thank you card! Our world needs these kinds of people who are as good as their word and are caring. I have never met such nice and good people in my life!

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