An Unlucky Day

July 21, 2013
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It was an unpleasant Monday morning and I felt lazier than ever, as the night before I stayed up late to watch a movie with my cousins. “Buzz, Buzz” went the alarm clock, “The time is seven thirty.” It said in its robotic voice. I tried to ignore the annoying noise it created. I slammed it with my hand and down it went on the floor with a thud. Finally; I woke up. It was eight o’ clock. I was supposed to be at school by now! I hurriedly got ready for school but there was no breakfast left for me, as my mother had left for her office! So, as it was getting late I practically “ran” to school, my hair flying, my bag bouncing behind me and my heart racing. Finally, I reached school but there awaited an unpleasant and angry teacher before me. This was the second time I had been late for class this week and the teacher had clearly explained her feelings about kids who weren’t punctual and caused disturbance in the class. This day, which was probably the most unlucky day of my life began with an empty stomach, and with untidy hair and uniform as well as a long unexpected lecture from my class-teacher!

The day was tough to begin with, In the next class I was asked to turn in my homework assignments and to my surprise; I had forgotten about them and left them at home! “Oh this is bad, this is really bad.” I cried. This was followed by a whole lot of scolding from my favorite teacher for being so careless. School was; without a doubt painful and boring. To make it worse I got myself detention since I was carelessly chatting with a friend between a lesson! This resulted in my getting back home late. Just when I felt like I couldn’t take it any longer my mom came to me and I could see the worriedness in her eyes, of course she got worried when I didn’t come home the usual time. She asked me “What took you so long?”, I didn’t feel like talking as I was depressed and tired so I went away without saying a word but doing my catharsis by banging doors as I went. My mother was displeased and angry with me. She was mad at me; I couldn’t blame her, I had been quite rude.

The fact that she was mad at me didn’t bother me much until I found that I needed her, and I had made a big mistake being rude to her. You see, I love to play soccer and I am an official player in our society’s soccer team. We practice every day but just as I was thinking about going to our ground it started raining cats and dogs. This meant that the only way I could get to the ground (our practicing area) was if my mother drove me there! I had the choice of apologizing to my mom, but I let it go and spent the whole evening watching boring and uninteresting talk shows.
After an hour or so, I felt tired so I went to bed early. I didn’t feel sleepy at all, just tired. So, I lay in my bed recalling all the unfortunate events of the day. After a lot of thinking, I jumped to the conclusion that it was all because of my “own” fault, which was being so lazy and careless. I promised myself that I would wake up early in the morning from now on and as for my plans for the next day, I had to apologize to a lot of people and make up for my rude, careless and irresponsible behavior!

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