Song of the Rain.

July 19, 2013
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There is always something about the rain. One minute it's bright and sunny, next moment every place in your vicinity is dripping wet. On moment there is silence; next moment there is a big hustle that catches your ears. Some may call this the "pitter-patter", some others may call it just the noise of the rain. A few may even call it a miracle. Of course, that depends upon which part of the world you're from. But for now, let us call it the song of the rain. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is always something about the rain. Some of us look at the rain with mixed emotions, some of us laugh and giggle to its noise, some of us dance to its tunes, and some of us pour out of our eyes, a rainfall of our own. Nevertheless, the rain means something to all of us. It defines our mood, determines our place in the world, loves us yet instructs us. And what it means to us can change every time it rains. For instance, one morning when you really don't feel like going to school, the rain comes along as a blessing to give you a rain holiday. Another time when you had plans of going to someplace with friends, a rain might just come along to ruin it. One time you love it, and the next time you hate it. But every time it comes, it has an impact on us.

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