June 17, 2013
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Dear readers,

It has been my pleasure to be a writer to this magazine just as it will be my pleasure to be a writer for others. I am proud to have been involved with Teen ink and I am proud to say that through them, I have become a writer that I always wanted to be.
Not every teenager in the world has the great gift that all of us here, in this community have. We are all writers, artists, and most importantly, we are all inventors. We make our inventions and we share them, regardless of what people think, to the world. And what happens is we become closer, all our feedback becomes like family. We are a family, we are a family of authors and artists both in written and in painted, or digital, video, and many more to come who come together and escape from this world and write what we feel.
We live in a world of hurt, a world where daily, we are surrounded by drugs, violence, and other worldly influences. We live in a world where the sign of love is made from paper and is a shape, where Christmas is used for buying things, and where Easter is portrayed by a bunny. We live in a world where the television has taken over the families and the screen has destroyed imagination. We live in a world, a world where the evil seems to be winning and everything seems hopeless.
We are the community of those who will bleed on the paper, who pour our hearts out in ink and drawings. We are they who endure through hell and then write about it, and for those of you who haven’t endured through hell, please let us in on your secret.
What words can be said, my fellow writers and illustrators, here at the end of my time with Teen ink other than thank you. Thank you to all of you, for your inspiration and for the critique that has been spilled onto me. I will miss writing for this site and I will miss being one of the family here at Teen ink. Thank you, everyone who have helped me and I will the best to everyone.
Rock on, Rock hard, and fly,

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