June 20, 2013
By hhbunny13 GOLD, Linn Creek, Missouri
hhbunny13 GOLD, Linn Creek, Missouri
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You don't have to like them to respect them

When I started 9th grade and had been in school for about two weeks or more, Anthony, a boy who usually I was okay with and sometimes we would even talk, started saying stuff.
First, it was normal stuff, I was used to, and I asked him to stop as I did every year and he usually did stop.
Then a few days later, it had got so bad I felt like I was a common day prostitute and after once again, having say something and his friends laughing, I ask him to stop.
Then later, in the class I realized he was saying these things because of another boy, Ethan.
Finally, the next day, my friend Lizzy told Anthony to stop and leave me alone. After saying this, our co- teacher, Mrs. Owens, finally ask Lizzy what was going on. Lizzy obliged and told her the story. We had a fire drill that day and as we were walking towards our assigned door to go out of, Anthony got next to me and tried talking to me; I quickly out to the other side of Lizzy.
A little later when we were allowed to go in I was walking by Lizzy and giving Anthony no room to get next to me, I glanced up at Mrs. Owens’s hand, noticing a yellow post it note with the names of Anthony and also Ethan, with a note that they needed to stay after class. Mrs. Owens said that what they were doing was considered sexual arrestment.
At sixth hour, Anthony walked by me in the hall asking me to accept his apology, I thought about it and decided that I had been doing the same dance with this kid for a really long time and that since I was in 9th grade now I needed to stop letting him think that he could act this way and then just come back and think I was going to forgive. I informed him that he needed to ask me the following day and that I didn’t think I was ready to forgive him then at the end of sixth hour, Ethan comes up to me and says he’s saying sorry even though he’s says he’s done nothing, the funny thing was that I’d been sitting next to him in class all sixth hour and he’d said nothing even though I already knew he’d deny it.
Then next day Anthony did say sorry again as told to do and I did apologize, because as I told Lizzy, I didn’t really care about Ethan apologizing or not, but Anthony realizing that he had made me feel like and that I was not going to just let him off the hook was what really mattered to me.

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