A Day at the Beach

June 7, 2013
The water is warm as I plunge in. Tropical fish, and harmless sharks swim past me when I enter this new world. Blindingly beautiful colors in the reef less than a meter away from me. Diving deeper, and deeper, I take a breath from my oxygen tank. Air bubbles that escape my mouth rise slowly to the surface. An enchanting Sea Turtle swims under me, so I reach down and touch his shell. Oysters , and other shells are on the reef layers like products on a store shelf. The salt water doesn’t sting my eyes. I swim to to the surface and leave my scuba gear on the shore. I wade in the shallows and lay on the warm sandy ocean floor. Looking up, the sun is warm on my skin under the refreshing water. It looks like a blurry drawing, instead of a large burning star. As I come up for air I hear someone calling my name. I go to the shoreline, gather my abandon scuba gear and head inland, for the day is over. I steal a look back at the rolling waves as the sun begins to set, knowing I’ll be back tomorrow. I leave the white sandy beach.

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