Operation Take Back Life Message 2

June 15, 2013
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When I thought about it, at first it was just to help the child soldiers in Africa. It was supposed to be to help them get their life back together and to get them to know that are TITANIUM. Then I got to thinking that is shouldn’t just be used for the children in Africa. Why not make this something universal. We all live, breathe, eat, sleep, talk, run, and laugh. So why is our lives more important than another’s. We all have a feeling of being beat down by the world, not knowing where we fit in, and not knowing where we belong. A lot of people are able to over come it and make something better out of the horrible situations they are in. That’s great and everything, but what about the people who don’t have the strength on their own to over come what they have been placed in. We can hold each other’s hand and pull each other out of the darkness and into the light. If you think no one can help you and know one will care enough to help you, I guarantee that you are wrong.

With Operation Take Back Life, the message is YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! It’s true. You aren’t alone in anything. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take life back into your own hands. There is nothing wrong with wanting to start your life over. We all need help getting over certain obstacles and together we can do it. With Operation Take Back Life, you don’t have to be afraid to do anything and be anyone. “If you really knew me, then you would know______.” Fill in the blank. Put what ever you want in the blank. Let me and everyone else know who you are. If you are angry and you don’t know how to deal with it or let it go, put that in the blank. We will get through it together because it is Operation Take Back Life. If you are scared to walk through something alone, then put it in the blank and we will get through it together. If you need to someone to listen you to vent, then put that in the blank, and I will listen and we can get through this together.

I can guarantee that no matter who hard something is for you, we can get through it because we have the power to. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! YOU ARE TITANIUM! To those people who say you are nothing and will be nothing they are wrong. To those who say you are worthless and don’t deserve to be happy, they are wrong. Their voices are silenced because you are beautiful and are worth far more than what they think. TOGETHER WE ARE ALL BORN AND BRED FIGHTERS! If you think you are too far into the darkness and cannot see the light then you are wrong. There is a light at the end of the road all you have to do is trust me enough to let me help you find it. You go 10 and I will go 90 for you because you are worth fighting for and you are that special.

This message is to all you non-believers that nothing can get better. Give me your hand and I will show you the way. This message is to the people fighting depression, and anger. This message is to the people who are using drugs and alcohol as a means to numb the pain and escape what you are facing. This message is to those of you who are troubled and don’t know what to do and can’t find peace and feel like you cant fight anymore. This message is to my homeless people who gave up on life and my high school dropouts. This message is also to those who suffer from bullying and this also to the one who bully. There are ways out of this. If you think there is not enough fight in you to continue to go on, you are wrong. Inside you have a little fight left. And with that little fight, strength and a little faith and courage is attached to it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS! YOU ARE TITANIUM! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! AND YOU ARE WORHT FIGHTING FOR I PROMISE!!! YOU DETERMINE WHO YOU ARE AND WHO YOU BECOME AND NO ONE ELSE. TAKE MY HAND AND TOGETHER WE CAN GET THROUGH ANYTHING! TOGETHER WE ARE BORN AND BRED FIGHTERS.

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