silent goodbye

June 12, 2013

Doesn't it seem like we've said it several times before? But this time is different. This time it's real. This time I'm not coming back, and you won't either.
Thirteen years we've been together. Best friends through seasons change. But you've gotten too used to calling my name whenever you fancy. And how could I resist but to answer your every call devoutly? When the reward is one of those best-friend-smiles and even better best-friend-hugs.
And even in the times I want to kick down your door or set fire to your stupid overly deep V-neck shirt because your being a jerk I still love you.
And even though your more popular and have more friends when you really need to talk its my phone that rings.
You still remember those golden times too. Some thirteen years old, others only weeks. But I know you still remember the color dress I wore to prom and the berries you ate off a bet, the song we sang in math and the day we talked so long we missed the second half of the school day.
So why are you avoiding me now, when we only have a small handful of weeks left? Is it because you don't want to part ways, so put it off even longer?
I wish you needed a best-friend-hug and best-friend-smile to make you feel it will all be okay. Because I need one know. Because I'm scared, because I already miss you, and your too busy to pick up the phone.
So I won't nag. Because I know you hate it. And I won't keep reminding you of the date of my flight, because it will annoy you. But I will say goodbye. Even if your not here to hear it.
Good bye, I love you, my best friend.

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