The Act of Kindness

June 5, 2013
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In today’s world kindness and compassion are two of the least acted upon actions. We choose to better ourselves than help out those around us. By putting our wants behind the needs of others it gives hope and love towards others.
I haven’t helped out at a lot food banks or community run organizations, but I do love to go on mission trips and help serve and love on those around me. For me mission trips are just like working at an organization in your community. We serve others by helping build things, feed people, play with children, and most of all share Gods truth and love to them.
For example, 2012 spring break I went to Houston TX with my church. We worked in the 5th ward which isn’t the best part of Houston. But by seeing and learning of my surroundings, I learned that there is a lot more need around my home than I had thought. Around there, there are houses, building and yards all torn up and abandoned. A lot of the people around the area feel like there is no hope in life. They might have lost their job or have a family to take care of but not very much income. Our job as well as everyone else’s is to love on those people and show them kindness and compassion.
While we were there we encountered a group or organization called church under the bridge. They go out to areas with a big number of homeless people and set up a church service. They cook for them as well as worship and share the gospel with them. We joined in with their worship one morning and it was amazing. They love what they do. Sometimes coming in contact with homeless people can be scary but they do it with love and are so kind. We found them at different spots all around Houston. This is an amazing group of disciples.

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