Time of My Life

June 3, 2013
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Pulling in to their drive, way, I was shocked to see how small the house was. I always imagined it being bigger than this, but a small house can contain a lot more than is seems. We unloaded the car and chatted for a wile, we had happy hour, and played some video games, and hung outside for the day. The next day, we were packing the car with camping supplies, and lots of food for the journey. As I got in the car, I didn’t know about all of the things that I would see. I didn't know that I would talk with my cousin in our tent and have to deal with my little cousins’ whining about how they wanted to get in with us with the smell of steak still in my mind. I didn’t know what I would see, but what I did know was that it was going to be quite the advancer.

On the third night, I was out under the shelter in the cold of a rainstorm. Watched my uncle start the propane grill that looked surprisingly like some space ship out of Star Trek. The corn has just started to boil, and the grill was warming up. My cousins and I were playing BS on the picnic table. The smell of stake soon filled the whole campsite, and my mouth started to water with the flavor of steak in my mind. We forgot about the game and found the sizzle of bodacious steak much more entertaining. Everyone is handed a piece of steak. Mine was smaller then the adults, which made me a bit mad. Why should I have the smaller piece? I’ve been like a bottomless pit ever since we got here. After I gulped down my dinner, I headed in my tent. My cousin Owen, whom I’ve gotten extremely close to over this summer vacation soon joined me.

My cousin lay down next to me on our air mattress. Soon my little cousins Landon and Leah want to come in and have been fighting, whining and following Owen and me around like the paparazzi. We didn’t let them in until the point when we were told to by my uncle. As soon as I let them in they scream
“I’m WET!!!” and I yell back
“Really? No!” Not a minute later Landon said,
“let’s play DS.” I moaned and said no but… then he starts whining. So I say
“BLAHH! Alright we’ll play for a little.”
During the car ride up, the only thing that would keep them from being bored is play on there DS’s and it didn’t take long for that to get boring. If we didn’t then Landon and Leah would start to complain, and their voice is what mainly gets to me. Soon, we all start to doze off, and we decide to stop playing and go to bed. My cousin Owen and I stayed up later than we were supposed to, though.

Owen and I started to talk for a long time after we heard the snoring start. I always heard him talking about his “girl friends,” so I asked him how he made so many friends? And that’s where it started. He told me, and I tell him how I don’t have many friends. He told me how to make them. What I have been looking for, for so long was a family member just too far away to reach. I couldn’t believe that the answer was right in front of me. He said to me,
“See, you live too far away from your real friends.” He knew what the problem was, and I didn’t even tell him. We just kind of… clicked. Right then, I thought of moving out there when I’m older and hanging out with him. I have never had someone that I’ve clicked with before.

Soon, came the time to pack everything and head home. I found out a lot about myself that trip. I found out that I need to eat more, I found out I don’t like noise, but most of all, I found out who I am. After we got back to their house, they asked me to come out next summer, and I flipped out. The last few days passed and as soon as we left the drive, way, I wanted it to be next summer.

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