A Moment of Eternity

May 22, 2013
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We sat together by the fire in a friend's backyard. My head was resting on his shoulder, and his arm wrapped around me. The fire danced in the dark, casting just enough light to allow my eyes to make out the individual faces of those joining us in the night. I stared into the fire, not really looking at it, and in that moment, the world stood still; in that moment, his warmth radiated into my body, burning hotter than the fire itself, yet flowing calmly like a cool brook; in that moment, the stars sparkled more than ever, the moon shone a pearly white, and the sky seemed to be bright and dark all at once; in that moment, I realized how much I really cared for the boy sitting next to me; in that moment, I realized that his happiness would forever be a necessity for my own happiness; in that moment, I resolved to never allow harm to come to him, to never make the same mistakes that my parents had made, and to never allow him to experience the same trauma my mother and I had no choice but to experience; in that moment, I resolved to always care for this boy's well-being, his heart, and his soul; in that moment, I resolved to spend my life with him; in that moment, I felt euphoric and pure; in that moment, the world stood still for all of eternity – just for that moment.

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