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May 15, 2013
“Maybe I don’t want to be a wheeler anymore.”

Those were the words that echoed through my head, booming, then growing quiet, only to restart the cycle, over and over. It’s been a while, but of course I remember those words. How could I not when those words indicated the side I’d always hoped he had, somewhere deep down within? It was the side of him that I so desperately wanted proof of, this was the phrase I wanted so desperately to hear… but from him. Not his best friend who was simply quoting him on the bus. Him. I wanted it first hand. I wanted to see it, to hear it coming out of his mouth;I wanted to be there so I could weigh the sincerity of his words, and find them to be 100% sincere. But alas, I was not there and if I had been, if it would have given me the courage I needed to go for it, I don’t know.

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