We Would Like You To Know

May 13, 2013
By , Mundelein, IL
We would like you to know that we fought for our independence. We do not just give up to the conquerors of the land. We do know how to attack even if were outnumbered. We would like you to know that we got our own Independence in the year of 1898. We do know that after we got our Independence, the Late President Cory Aquino cut the connection to U.S. We do know that our government is corrupt, no matter who’s leading the country. We do know that once the officials got elected, they will forget all the promises they promised. We do not back down just because they have the power to send us to jail. We do not all drive public transportations, sell pirated DVDs, and work as a maid even if this is someone’s one way of living. These are the facts.

We would like you to know that even if more than half of the population are poor, homeless and uneducated, we never let that obstacles stop us from fighting for what we think is right. We are not all controlled by the government. We do know how to stand up for ourselves and let our voices be heard. We do know when the government is abusing our money so it will go directly to their pockets. We would like to give a thousand reasons as to why the economy is not good, as to why a lot of people do not have jobs unless you finished college, as to why they decreased the budget for free education. But this has been the problem for centuries and we do not know if it will ever be resolved.

We would like you to know that if we’re be able to overthrow the government people who are corrupt, we would be able to solve the problems that the country is facing right now. We do know that there are still some good people out there who have not just been recognized yet. We are not just Asian or Pacific Islander who wants to make a change but We Are Filipinos.

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