Free Falling

May 10, 2013
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Summer is a time filled with making memories. Me and my friends like to do things like go to the pool, eat ice cream at Dairy Inn, or just hang out and watch movies. We have so many memories together but I think the embarrassing ones are what make our friendship stronger . One of my more embarrassing memories happened when I was with two of my friends last summer.

Me and my friends, Callie and Abby, would go to this park that was relatively near all of our houses. Sometimes we would go there to talk or to get away from pestering siblings. When we would get bored we would make up random games or obstacles and see who could complete it the fasted or get the farthest. It was always something competitive because we all like to win.

One day we decided to see who could jump the farthest off the swings. Callie and I went first and Abby was judging. We started pumping, getting higher and higher. As we were about to jump, we decided to go one at a time. Seeing as I have done this a million times before, I volunteered to go first.
Listening to my countdown “one... two... three... GO!” I pushed off the wing as hard as I could. Slowly my body started to tilt forward till I was completely parallel to the ground. Staring at the sand below me, I started to panic. What if I broke my wrist or ankle, terrifying thoughts were flying through my head as I was flying towards the ground. I started flailing my arms and legs in effort to get my body upright but it was impossible. I felt as if I was in one of those dreams where you keep falling till you suddenly wake up. Except I wasn't dreaming.
Landing with a thud, my right side of my body ached. Worried that I had attracted attention from a couple sitting at a nearby picnic table, I asked Callie and Abby if the couple had seen me fall. While it was hard to get an answer out of them because they were both laughing so hard, they finally said no and a wave of relief washed over me. I couldn't remember if I had screamed or not, it felt as if I did but Callie and Abby kept telling me I didn't. Maybe I was just shrieking like a girl on the inside. After finally getting up and wiping off the sand that was everywhere, we decided we would try jumping off the swings again but this time we were going to record it.
In the hope that we would catch something worthy of being on Ridiculousness, we took a couple more turns before leaving the park. Limping back home with Callie, the steep grass hills were a challenge so I just slide down them. As we approached my house, Callie asked if I would be going to weights the next morning, joyfully I replied no.
To this day, we still laugh about that afternoon. As embarrassing as it was, I'm kind of glad it happened because it just one of those memories where you can look back and say “Remember when..” To me, memories like that have made my relationship with them stronger and I'm really grateful to have such fun friends where we can laugh about things like belly flopping into sand. Summer is such a short period to try and fill with so many memories. I hope that in future summers I have more “Remember when...” moments with my friends.

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