The Old Home

April 21, 2013
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That was the last time that I stepped onto the floor of the last apartment suit I lived, where I spent my pre-school time and primary school era for 9 nears in total.

I haven't entered that suit for many years as it was rented by many residences. And now we decide to sell it out, sell a box containing many stories.

I used to sit on the sofa in the living room to play the packing boxes of toothpaste and so on. That was when I was 4 or 5. Every day after dinner, my parents carry me on the bike to see the streetlights which were placed like the shape of a snake along the street. I loved the shape of snake then, a kind of mysterious. Getting back from the outside, I was going to sit on the sofa and bury me in the mountain of packing boxes and construct my ideal architectures. Sometimes, I also watched VCDs of Tom & Jerry and Discovery Channel videos.

A year later I fell in love with playing the piano and it took the room in the right side of the living room. There I composed my first sets of music by myself, a 6-year-old kid,and performed it in school. Also there I practiced for my first performance concert in public for 1,700 audience. That was the events 12 years ago.

The first year of 21st century, I went to primary school, which is quite close to the apartment: Go straight on the road under the apartment and turned left at the cross and go straight again. And the school is located at the end of the road. But after that time, the first stop I back from the school was my grandparents' home. And the apartment suit was just a place where I slept for a night.

I devoted myself into books, various from dinosaurs, astronomy, geography to Disney cartoons. Besides my bed, all books were piled up on a tiny TV closet. Getting down on the bed and stare at those words( Of course, they should be Chinese characters excatly) for many hours. Up to now, most of my classmates have considered I am a "genius" in many knowledge areas, but the pain of short-sighted is only known by the one who is called "genius".

There are small parks between two apartment buildings in the neighorhood, so is the apartment I lived in. I often talked with my classmates in the park after school going back home, and our topics were almost around blackhole or relativity. To be honest, my primary school classmates should have no interest in astronomy or relativity. However, after my sermon in nature class, the case changed a lot and many fans came to me to talk about that. And the meetings were always hosted in the park.

When summer came in early May, the parks of the neighborhood were transformed into battlefields. The war began in the playground in the school, and we took co-operation with the students from other grades to make up troops. The most popular weapon was catapult, and we also developed many other types of weapons deriving from catapult. Emulational guns were also welcome. With the convening of troops, the war spred to the whole neighborhood with more than 20 apartment buildings and small parks. I was always attempting to be the general of the troops, and we lurked behind the plants or under the windows of the apartment staircases. Ambush and annihilation were my favorites! Communicating via the intercoms, I commanded the "regimental commanders" to locate their "soldiers" in a shape of circle and to enclose the enemies. After two hours' "firing" and "fighting", we won the war and went back home to have dinner!

In the atmosphere of war, I accomplished my primary school time. Accompaning the graduation, my family moved out of the apartment to a fresh big suit in new place of this small city. The old apartment suit is going far away, with stacks of my stories...

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