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April 21, 2013
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I believe in friendship.
I believe in ups and downs and fighting and in tears. But I also believe in support and in love and in endless laughing. I believe in cherishing good times, and I believe that bad times can end. I believe good times can then begin again, a resurrection of warm summer nights, and water ice, and being with family on cold winter days.
I believe in constant trust, and although it's sometimes shattered, I believe in reconstructing, because a fallen brick house still has a foundation.

I believe in love.
I believe in butterflies and sweaty palms and every ounce of awkwardness that comes with it. I believe in first crushes and first kisses and carefree being.
I believe in second chances and third chances and fourth chances and even in unlimited chances if its meant to be. But I also believe in reasonable chances and I believe a soulmate is someone who won't need unlimited chances to love you right. I believe in conflict but I persistently believe in triumph and in the way the sky will always hold the earth in its arms no matter how many times the lightning will strike.

I believe in self worth.
I believe I am nothing special, but I also believe I am destined for greatness, for even the most insignificant star gets a chance to shine. I believe in hard work and dedication, because only the best start from the bottom. I believe in inner and outer beauty, and I believe that both are possible simultaneously. I believe in words, they never fail to comfort and amaze me. I believe in moments captured forever in time. I believe in being happy, and also in being sad. I believe in myself.

I believed in mermaids.
I believed in mermaids so much, that I left them messages on the shoreline in sand, only to have them washed away by the salty spray of the ocean. I believed in fairies and fairy tales and everything whole and pure and beautiful. I believed in perfect endings.

I believe in happy endings.
I believe in an ending that will be but a beginning, that no human could possibly fathom, though many are close.  I believe in a world where all children have food in their bellies, and cruel words will be nonexistent, a bad dream that quickly fades away at dawn. I believe in silence and in screaming, and in expressing without speaking. I believe in smiling at strangers, and in giving random compliments, and in holding open doors for the people walking behind you, because right now, that's the only thing holding this world together by the seams, and when that is lost, some will have nothing and some will have everything. And in the dark of the night, when you've been tossing things around your room, and pounding into your pillow, tears streaking down your face in two steady streams, I believe in hope. I believe in hope that in turn leads to believing in knowledge. But knowledge doesn't need belief because knowledge is knowing, not believing, and if all of our believings can shift into knowings, we will finally, and everlastingly, be complete.

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Magdalene9510 said...
Apr. 23, 2013 at 9:27 am
I love it!  :) 
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