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April 11, 2013
By sv_praveen_trichy GOLD, Parowan, Utah
sv_praveen_trichy GOLD, Parowan, Utah
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I really felt depressed after hearing the news about the Cannibalism of Children in African countries. I was shocked by the report that Cannibalism is still common in many African as well as in some Asian countries. The title ‘The starving father kills children for food in North Korea’ in Daily Herald news paper really made me feel so bad as like as ever before. I begin to search for the reason for this cruelty and understand at one point that the whole human community has lost their humanity.

Last weekend, I planned to have party with my friends for my birthday, but the news of Cannibalism really affected me very much. I am sure it would cost at least two hundred dollars for the party I planned, but something stroked in my mind. I read in Wikipedia many times that a single American dollar can feed a child for three months in Africa. I really felt ashamed of myself when I realized that my pocket money, I spend before a week in shopping could have save a child’s life for more than fifty years.

The average per capita income of the United States of America was $42,693(According to 2012 reports). American households collectively spend more than $420 million a year on fireworks, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey, and that figure does not even include the amount of money private and government organizations shell out for public shows. According to the latest report, an average American is spending more than $70,000 for the Cruise.

I remember very well, that I spent $300 dollars to buy fireworks for July 4. The total amount of vegetable wasting by the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries in a year are greater than the amount of vegetable producing by the entire Europe and Africa in a year. I try to find reason why I was so sad. I never been to Africa, or even I never know how Africa will be. I know I was not related to them by any means. But on seeing the reflections of mine in the mirror, I know someone is in another part of the world, who is longing to have a life I have. I realized a truth that the pigment beneath the skin may be different, yet the rhythm of all the hearts are the same.

No one born in the world deserves to die. If my basketball could save a life of a child for some years, maybe I would never go to play again. If my video game could save a child for some years, I never want to waste my time again the video game.

I know this essay would never touch the heart of elders, even my parents, but instead of blaming the elders, I wish we youngsters could unite and so some change in the world. It’s in our hands whether to care the poor children or simply pass by. What we are doing for a single day's pleasure could save a life of thousands of children. We should have to volunteer in good organizations that are truly working for the welfare of poor children. I wish one day, we would together form an organization, where teenagers from all over the world would unite and help at least some of the children to achieve their dream of living.

I feel it’s ironic to celebrate my birthday while thousands of children are dying without single drop water or single plate of food. I decided what I have to do and soon I got a text message from my friend Catherine,’ Why you are not going to celebrate your birthday?’

I thought for a moment and replied, ’To help someone to live longer.'

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