I Believe in Laughter

April 2, 2013
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Mrs Stuarts’s eyes, glowing red as the devil, stared deep into mine, burning dark holes through my pupils. Chuckling inside, I imagined her a cackling demon as she dangles me over her cauldron of bubbling, blood colored, devil juice. While my imagination grew crazier, reality took a punch at my head. I looked back at the situation and couldn’t believe it all started from a simple paper plane toss at lunch.
For me, laughing is a way to always be happy, relax, and look at the bright side of gloomy times. I believe in laughter because I really believe that when I get in trouble, I need an escape route to make me less upset. I start out by smiling. Everytime I smile, my surroundings, from crabby people, to rain clouds, look more cheerful. One day back in 3rd grade, this technique helped me greatly.
I walked down the hall with my “Dennis the Menace” lunch box towards the cafeteria. After plopping down at my table, the temptation to toss my homemade paper airplane at my friend Matt skyrocketed. I could no longer resist. Hucking the plane at a perfect arc--everyone knows practice makes perfect--, it hovered over Matt’s head for a split second before nose diving at his crown. I checked my surroundings. At first, I thought no one witnessed. That was, before noticing Mrs. “I’m a cranky old witch” Stuarts giving me “The Stare”. For the first time in my elementary school career, Mrs. Stuarts creeped me out. Many times before, she had caught my friend slingshotting paper balls across the room; however, I was never convicted. Our eyes met, my hands began to sweat, and I started thinking of an excuse for Mr. Bonzo, my principal. I could read her eyes like a book.
“Bonzo! Now!”.
I hung my head, slouched my shoulders, and oozed into Mr. Bonzo’s office. Mrs. Stuarts shook her head and innocently returned to the lunchroom.
I knew there was no way out, so I revealed the whole story. Our conversation ended with the usual after school detention. As I exit my second home, I smile. Not because I wanted detention or thought of a hilarious joke, but for the simple pleasure of trying to happy. That is why I believe in laughter.
To this day, whenever I find myself in a tough situation in school, I take a deep breath to calm myself down, walk away, and smile. Many people have asked why I smile after being scolded, but I have never let my secret go.
In the future, when I am down and comfortless, I will remember this idea as an inspiration. All I will do is lift the corners of my mouth, and believe in laughter.

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