A Lesson to Remember

March 28, 2013
By CuriousShadow SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
CuriousShadow SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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The weatherman isn’t always right, as we all know. In fact, it is usually a gamble on what the weather will be like. But, just because the weatherman isn’t always right doesn’t mean you shouldn’t heed their warning. Especially if they are saying that it is going to be one of the hottest days of the year. My parents and I ignored this warning and learned a powerful lesson that we will never forget.
I didn’t sleep the night before. My mind was racing with thoughts of roller coasters and the cool waves of the wave pool. My parents and I were going to Hershey Park. The last time we went as a family was when I was in Elementary school. So, I was jumping off the walls with excitement. We left our home at about 9 o’clock. That way we would get there when the park opened and avoid extremely long lines. We arrived there around 11 o’clock. The sun was high in the sky but it wasn’t too hot. Yet.
An hour later, the sun was in the middle of the sky and beating down on our heads. My mom and I had just gotten off the Wildcat when the sun’s uncovered beam of heat began taking a toll on us. My dad noticed our suffering and suggested that I go to the amusement park’s wave pool to cool off, while my mom sit in on a bench in the shade. We agreed. My dad went with me into the pool while my mom observed us from a comfortable spot in the shade. The cool water rushing over my body felt unbelievable. We everything was okay.
Until the sun’s rays began heating the pool water. Suddenly, the cooling sensation that I feel in love with began feeling like I was in a heating pot of water. I quickly got out the pool and called out to my dad. Surprisingly enough, he heard me the first time. We went to the changing rooms and got changed. We walk to where my mom was siting. I told her the water was warm and she shrugged. At this point it was about 1:12 in the afternoon. The heat was blazing. We decide to walk towards the front of the amusement park. My mom was over heated and I wasn’t far behind. My dad however was just dandy. He didn’t have to stop every 10 minutes in order to regain a little bit of energy that was lost during the 10 minutes of walking. He even said to both of us “that it wasn’t that hot and we shouldn’t be struggling.” I have never given anyone my official death glare until that moment. My mom mirrored my face and he promptly closed his mouth. We were about ¾ away from the entrance to the park, when my mom and I decided push through the rest of the way without stopping. I swear every step we took felt like a mile in the Sahara desert. My dad on the other hand was taking a leisure stroll. We finally reach the area between the parking lot and the entrance of the park. There was a bench that was under a stone roof providing an oasis. We sit down and soon realized that my father wasn’t with us. We wait about 10 minutes and my dad appears. Turns out, he stopped at one of the candy shops and purchased candy bars for himself. My dad strolls over to us asks how come we didn’t bring the car around. Again, the death glare was unleashed for the second time and he promptly went to get the car.
I pretty much passed out in the back seat of the car and only awaken when my mom tapped on my arm to tell me we were home. I drag myself out of the car and into our house. I manage to collapse on the couch and my mom turns on the news. Somehow we managed to catch the beginning of the weather report. It was reported that the day’s high over 100 degrees. My mom and I both said the same exact words “Never again”. We also found out that dad didn’t put much sunscreen on the top of his head and got sunburned.
We learned a powerful lesson. Never underestimated the temperature of nature. Otherwise, you may just get burned.

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