Bullies in My School

March 29, 2013
I cannot believe how people are so selfish and make up stuff about how people get to play or not to play because of a name game! The so called hard worker can't finish sprints with the team, can't match athletic ability, and makes excuses about not making a team. Really, if stating such things as this, is to not be a team player. Having one like this must mean that their parents are excuse makers as well. In our school, these same excuse makers bully others and stir the pot and make it miserable for others. These people lie and say that jamillas of the world are related to the coach, when that isn't true. These people who aren't athletes need to focus on their strengths and stop making excuses. There are many Jamillas in the world who earned their place on the team and many others who don't make the team. It is no different with students who are musically talented, music teachers notice them early and have them spotlighted in performances. Athletics are no different, athletes with talent are spotlighted with playing time. Team players support each other, not cause drama. True story.

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