Lost Woods

March 22, 2013
By Jaime Vazquez BRONZE, Denver,CO, Colorado
Jaime Vazquez BRONZE, Denver,CO, Colorado
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“I hate dirty roads”, said my dad annoyingly. He was frustrated at the rocks and dirt kicked up by our truck. The great, enormous, green leaves on the side of the road had little drips of water. The bright sun illuminated the tall dry plants and green tree. The truck came to a sudden stop when an astonished squirrel looked up in the middle of the road. My dad told us that we were going to stop. The click of the belt and the sound of the door made so happy. I took our heavy duty material in my hands. I looked tough with one fishing pole in one hand and a green box in the other. My sister laughed because anyone could carry these two things. “Don’t bring those. We will hike first,” exclaimed my dad.

My dad and my uncle met up at the top of a hill. I thought at first that we were done with the hike, but deep down I knew we were barely to our destination. My backpack and I knew it was a long walk. As we walked I saw a lot of scat and half way through my hike we saw a skull. The white, no-eyed, hollow skull told me there had to be some kind of carnivore living here. We were going back to the truck, but we took another route. My dad and my uncle rushed to get the tents and brought them to a camping area. I still couldn’t shake the idea there were large dangers around here.

There were a lot of problems setting up the tents. I put one of the poles and another came down like a domino. I wanted to stay with my cousins in the red tent, but my dad told me to get some wood because we were going to start a fire in the pit. We took a bright flashlight because it was getting dark. When we went to get the wood, the flashlight turned into our enemy because it started to roll down the hill out of sight. My cousins and I raced down to see who won. We went to get it, but realized we had no idea about how to get to camp. We started to hear the owls and animals crouching and moving quickly. We rushed to a pine tree and we hid there. We suddenly heard a scream and someone in black. We got frightened and ran as fast as we could. It sounded like it was following us. My cousin fell down and hurt his ankle, but I kept running. It seemed like if the trees were running as well. I couldn’t find a way out either we would be trapped, or we got swallowed by the woods.

My cousin and I got to a sudden stop. “Do not trespass”, my cousin confirmed of what I thought it said. I shook not from the cold, but from fear. With my own eyes I saw the person in black and I got on the fence. The person in black said he was my uncle and it was him. “Where is Bryan?” My cousin said. We rushed to go find him and we heard him scream. I heard the noise and felt the hit. My cousin threw a rock at me in the head. I understand consequences, but after I get lost, getting hit, and being hurt I should get a reward.

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