It Only Gets Worse

March 22, 2013
By Anonymous

My mom left work to go to the hospital to see what was wrong with my brother. My mom, dad, and my sister rushed to the counter and ask where my brother was at. As soon as we knew, where he was my dad and I ran to the surgery room and my dad walked in to talk to the doctor. I waited and waited from 30 minutes to what seemed like hours. He finally came out of the room and told my family and my brothers friends that, “Jerry got... got...shot... in the face, and if he didn’t call the cops he would have died.” At that moment everyone welled up in tears and I sat there surprised because my brother is a good person and no one held a grudge against him.

Three days passed, and he finally could go home. He said he had dreams about what happened to him and that he would relive the incident. All that terrorized him and kind of made him change because he noticed that life is short and you can die at any point. You should live life the fullest. We didn’t know who did this to him but he said it was Marcus. Marcus went to his school call Knapp and they rarely talked and my brother felt bad that he didn’t have any friends and no one to talk to him, but he didn’t like my brother for some reason. The following month they went to court and my mom said, “When he saw them he smiled like he nothing happened.” His smile was a killer’s smile when they wanted to do harm.

At the end, he was sentenced to 5 years in prison for attempted murder and possession of drugs. The jury thought he deserved more years in prison. We have to move houses by 2017 so when he gets out of jail we’ll have to go. You have no idea how messed up it feels to be paying rent for 30 years and suddenly and to move just because some psycho shot me brother for no reason. This is truly a day I’ll never forget.

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