I Bleed Maize and Blue

March 22, 2013
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It was a going to be a great day. I had waited for this day for over two weeks and
it was finally here. I was leaving school an hour early and going to Ann Arbor.
My dad’s friend went to Michigan and, because he was an alumni, got free
tickets to tons of games. This basketball game was the Indiana vs. Michigan
home game. I don’t usually follow college hoops, but knowing the reputation of
both the schools and being a Michigan fan, made me have to go.

We got in the car and headed out. I couldn't wait to go and actually experience a
real Michigan basketball game. We got there and started to walk to the stadium.
A man who needed an extra ticket came up and offered four dollars for our extra.
“I swear on my momma, this is all I got.” he said. Then he dropped two bills on
the ground and a five dollar bill fell out of his coat. My dad’s friend humored
him and gave him the ticket for four dollars and everyone walked away happy. Not
even five feet away and he turned around and yelled “seven dollars for a ticket.” I
felt swindled, and then scared he would come sit by us at the game.

We entered the stadium and my eyes started to water and all the banners and trophy
displays everywhere. It was such a great sight for all wolverines. We found our
seats and I was still in a shock. The game was starting, this was getting good.
I got a pretzel at half time and it was rocking my stomach.

Around the third quarter, Michigan started to dominate, so I started to look around the
court. I saw three long tables full of guys with computers. I asked my mom what
they were doing and she said, “they are bloggers and reporters. They write
posts and live chats during the game.” I was immediately interested.

I thought, “our mascot is a Cougar. Tigers are also big cats. The eye of the Cougar!” and that was it.
I went home and by the next week I had set up my blog as “Eye of the Cougar.” It
was about my school so I looked at our tradition and we were always good
at football. I picked that sport and got started.

I was in eighth grade, so I didn’t expect it to take off right away. I knew that
with just the writing no one would find my stuff so I got my dad’s professional
camera and started taking pictures of the football games on the sidelines. I
made a Facebook page to post the photos. I checked it three weeks into the season
and I couldn't believe that I had over 250 fans. I looked at my blog and I was
close to 700 hits. I was going viral! That is the point when I decided this is
what I wanted to do and get good at.

I was never big or fast enough to play sports in high school. I believe that you
can still get the benefits of a sport by doing other things than playing. I
used journalism and photography to be around the sport I love even though I
wasn't playing.

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