March 18, 2013
By Anonymous

I move to a new school, hoping the I will retain my status as a popular girl at my old school....but I made a mistake. My old life, being fat is not a label. At my old school, being slow is not a buzzword.
Here. In this new world. Things seems to be different. Even if I try to look presentable, no one notice me. Even when I put on my new dress, no one notice me. Even when I start to make a conversation, no one hears my voice.
Am I invisible to the naked eye of these humans at this school?
No one try to befriended me. Since I am all average, they just ignores me. I do not stand out in grades, activity or sports. I stands out when I am all alone in an empty room.
I am tired being alone.
However, does being alone makes a person lonely?
I can indulge myself in books and other stuffs.....but I have to admit that I feeling lonely. I miss my friends and the joy i had at my old school.
It seems like it was yesterday, I laughing with my friends. Perhaps if anything should happen to me, they just would not know.
I am just invincible with visibility, that I just become invisible.

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