The Two-Dimensional Disease

March 3, 2013
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just issued a statement informing everybody about a new disease that is spreading around. It's full Scientific name is, "The Egomaniacal-osis Virus", but people have nicknamed it the "Two-Dimensional Disease".

The disease has reportedly been around since humans have first roamed the Earth, but has been getting more serious over the past number of years from the growing popularity of social networking. Regardless, this virus can still spread by any possible form of communication.

Age, gender, nationality, or race does not matter to this virus, everybody is able to contract it at any given moment in their lives.

Hosts of this virus are commonly unaware that they are carriers. Their physical health is not effected. It is their way of thinking that slowly begins to deteriorate.

Effects of this virus come in a variety of different ways.

For some, it is severe contradiction. They preach about the right to things such as "wearing what you want", "doing what feels right", and "expressing yourself", but what they don't tell you is that it's only okay if you're doing these things in ways ideal to them. If you do something that they don't necessarily agree with, they will be quick to negate the previous statement by use of snide remarks about your appearance, personality, and many other things, in an attempt to make you feel worthless.

For others, it's a meddlesome presence. These people care about what others are doing in their lives just as much as their own. They let the decisions of others anger them, even if they will not be affected. They allow themselves to get involved in situations that they are not a part of. They let others drive their lives without even knowing it.

But for most, it's looks. People spend savings on plastic surgery because they're so uncomfortable with the person in the mirror that they feel they can't take it any more. Makeup is becoming a vital tool for younger and younger girls. Many fear that they cannot leave the house without applying it beforehand. People no longer accept of themselves because of the media's portrayal of the "perfect body". Some don't have problems with themselves, but with others, as they make fun of the physical traits a person has, leading the victim to feel unnecessary and alarmingly poor feelings of how they look.

Many people have this virus, and many have admitted to catching it on more than one occasion. If you do not wish to contract this virus, it is simple. This virus does not require permission from your doctor. It is a free and simple solution that consists of taking a good look at yourself before judging others, coming the conclusion that not everybody is around to please you, and realizing that you are you for a reason, and you don't need to change your outside to be beautiful, but to maintain beauty inside.

Be sure to remember the following, because there is a good chance that you just may come in contact with the virus at least once a day. If we all accept that we're called "individuals" because we're one out of seven billion people on Earth and that we simply will not gel with everybody we come into contact with, it is said that we can begin the long road to recovery and respect.

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