Grapefruit Juice Brands

March 6, 2013
By Sandlynx GOLD, Staten Island, New York
Sandlynx GOLD, Staten Island, New York
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Let me begin my exposition by expressing how much I like grapefruit juice. I don’t know how many people like grapefruit juice, because it takes some taking used to and it’s initially quite sour, but I do, and I find it quite sweet.

I bought my first brand of grapefruit juice at Costco, and at first I didn’t like it; no one in my family really did, I think. But then, we got kind of bored of our usual juice, mango juice, so we looked around for a change, and there it was in the flesh: grapefruit juice. So, that’s what we bought, and after we got over the initial sourness that probably causes many people to gag, my entire family loved it.

So, one day, as we were casually strolling along, lazily walking up and down the isles of Costco, we met an interesting sight: our favorite, most delicious and desirable grapefruit juice had gone missing. At least, the specific one we bought was gone. Fear not— in its place was more grapefruit juice, this time of a different company. And so, we shrugged away any worries, tossed the new grapefruit juice in our cart, and went about with our lives.

When we got home, I was quick to fumble with the carton, pour a waterfall of pink into my cup, and down it quickly. I nearly gagged. This new grapefruit juice was so...sweet, so flavorful, so… FAKE. The grapefruit juice tasted as if a ton of artificial ingredients were tossed in, mixed around with some real fruit, and then drained of anything that echoed the word ‘organic.’ After tasting real grapefruit juice, not the cheap rip-offs, it was a drastic change that I was not very eager in accepting. But, eventually I did, since our regular grapefruit juice had not returned. After a while, the gag-worthy taste at the back of my throat dissipated, and I was able to enjoy it much more.

But, something was always wrong.

I guess other people must have thought the same thing, because after a few weeks, our normal grapefruit juice had resurfaced, and so we took that home.

I’ll time-skip a little bit now.

My parents were shopping at ShopRite when they brought home a new grapefruit juice, since our grapefruit juice was never found anywhere but Costco. I decided to try it out, given my addiction to the sweet and cool liquid that I had come to love.

And once again, after soaking my cup with this new, foreign substance, my gag reflex was stimulated. This one was far worse than the other brand of grapefruit juice. It was a disappointment to nature and everything I had come to know and love about grapefruit juice! I took a look at the label: ‘grapefruit juice with two other juices!’ Disgusting. Did this juice think it could become superior to the other juices, simply because of its additives? I suppose it did.

Right now, as I am writing this article, I have a cup of it on my desk; the second one today. No, third or fourth. As you can see, I’ve clearly become accustomed to this fake substance, even though it wasn't the original one.

Okay, my demonstration is over. Let me get to the point:
No more copying, okay?

No more faking, alright?

Let me ask you this: Why does there have to be so many fake juices, so many different grapefruit juice brands?

No, that isn't a satisfactory complaint. Being different is a positive thing, and it isn't providing any insight as to why I decided to write a whole ramble on grapefruit juice... Let me rephrase that:

Why must people be grapefruit juice?

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