February 26, 2013
By Ash3297 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
Ash3297 SILVER, Covington, Louisiana
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It was seventh grade year, my last year at St. Rita. The last year with my friends to bond before I left. But this experience will always be remembered with my science class as a inside joke. Well, I hate blood and it was science class and we were learning the organs, bones, blood and how it operates and effects our whole body. I am not a fan of this topic and it still grosses me out. My teacher and friends all knew this, but just laughed whenever I freaked out or could not just sit still in my seat. On this day, my teacher decided to show us a video on what happens as the blood passes through the organs and other veins. My teacher pulled down the screen turned on the projector and started the video. I remember the movie for the producers made it as if we were the ones being rushed to the hospital on the gurney, losing blood quickly. The screen would all of a sudden blur, spin and go out of focus just to make us feel like we were really the ones injured. Then they would flash to inside the body and show us the blood stream and failing organs as we made our way to the emergency room. After this I put my head down and closed my eyes, but I still could hear the narrator describing the scene and the sick noises coming from the body. I could feel the blood draining from my face and hands, like I all of a sudden was going cold. I felt like I was going to be sick. My stomach was doing summer saults and knew I had to leave the room as soon as possible. I got up to go see if I could go to the bathroom. As I waked to my teachers desk, I felt as if I was floating and could not think straight at all. I do not remember, but I was told I asked my teacher if I could use the bathroom, but then slowly started to fall backwards. I grabbed her desk, then the table that was pushed against hers, then fell flat on my back. No one moved from there seats. But instead started to laugh at me cause they thought I was just faking and over exaggerating. One of my best friends fell out of her chair and onto the floor she was laughing so hard. They did not realize that I had really just fainted. When I woke up and finally realized what had happened, I did not remember how I got there. I felt as if i just sort of appeared there on the floor. My friend and teacher then helped me up and brought me to the bathroom. I was so embarrassed I thought I was going to die, and everyone's eyes were on me as I walked back to my seat. But just to make things worst the office would not let me go home for they thought I would live and be just fine. After I had fallen I had a knot on the back of my head and a migraine that felt like some one was hitting my head the whole time.
Since, that had happened from now on my friends still teases me about this, and it will probably never be forgotten. And now whenever I see my them, it is always a reminder as the time that I fainted in front of my entire science class at St. Rita.

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