'Cause I am Done

February 25, 2013
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Cause I'm done. Done with being mad at mistakes. Done at being sad cause of choices. Done with letting one thing tare me up inside. Done with inflicting self harm all physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'm done with letting my head stare at the granite sidewalks. I'm done with not speaking my mind. I'm done with letting people get the worst of me because after all the tears I cried that felt like a rain storm. And all the times I cut, burned, stabbed didn't left anything but scars with painful memories. My heart may be shattered and scattered along the floor but I can pick them up myself, I don't need any guy or love to help, and with time the pieces could be put together like new. And now, I look to my past and see what I've become, I've became stronger but only because I carry the barrier that cuts me off from believing others cause I thought that I rather think both compliment and insult was a lie than think either were true but I see now the insults can only make me improve and the compliments can make me shine. Say what you want bout me, feel what you want bout me but don't expect me to crumble under the weight of your voice and don't expect me to quiver to the force of your fist. Because I stand along side with the strong who lived life like a torture house built but Hitler himself but still managed to survive with smiles on their faces. I am one of those who struggled upon the climb but still reach the peak. I am one of those that have cuts on their wrist, scars on their heart and doubts in their souls but still continue knowing that those insults, rejection, hatred, misunderstood-ment, were wrong. Life is a battle field, those who come out victorious come out strong and those who are strong have struggled to the top.

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