February Forteens, A Valentine's Day Disaster

February 14, 2013
By CaitlinB GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
CaitlinB GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Hugging? Sure.

Holding hands? Eh.

Kissing? Ummm...

Love? Sigh.

They all seem pretty gross. I mean, all that slobber and awkward physical contact. Ugh. Boys have cooties, you know?

Pretend you’re a teenager and your name is Caitlin . On your 13th birthday, you can look forward to a lecture from your parents on how you have to be 16 to start dating, which ultimately means you have to suffer for the next three years while your friends hold hands and “accidentally” put their arms around each other when they yawn. And then less than a week before Valentine’s Day, you find out that your younger 11-year old brother has a girlfriend. To make things better, four days before the alleged holiday of love, you are lucky enough to spend a mere 20 seconds with the guy that you’ve been pining on for over a year. You soon realize that your mom and dad’s rule is actually unnecessary because romantic interactions are not your area of expertise.

All in all, love and kissing and positive-feeling relationships aren’t really my thing. Yet, on Valentine’s Day, things might turn around. I mean, I might just get some chocolate, which I hate and engage in some awkward hugging with guys I’m not interested in.

Maybe my friends are good enough.

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