Broken Beyond Repair

February 13, 2013
By NewIdentity GOLD, Arden, North Carolina
NewIdentity GOLD, Arden, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
If life for you
Been less than kind
Take a number
Stand in line
We've all been sorry
We've all been hurt
But it's how we survive
That makes us who we are
- Survive by Rise Against

Tacora was one of those people that no one paid much attention to until someone wanted something from her. She would always listen to everyone’s problems, and then she would try and help fix them. She was very trustworthy person. The other high schoolers would confide in her and they knew she would never tell their secrets. She took all their problems in. Always listening, never saying much. Everyone’s secrets and problems weighed heavily on her heart.

Each problem she heard she took in as her own. All she saw was the brokenness of her fellow students. The problems stacked one on top of the other, always weighing her down. The weight pushed her deeper and deeper into her own dark soul. She felt like there was no escape.

Not only at school did people push their problems onto her but at home too. Her sister’s eating disorder weighed down the whole family but especially Tacora. She was very sensitive to everyone around her. She sadly watched her sister kill herself. Every meal she refused to eat, and every time she purged in the bathroom, Tacora’s heart broke piece by piece. She felt so helpless. Every time her parents screamed at her sister, she sat silently crying in her room alone listening to her broken family. Her parents ignored her, which is the way she wanted it. She liked being left alone.

But the more time she spent alone with her thoughts, the deeper she fell into the hole. She couldn’t handle her dark thoughts anymore. She turned to her own devices. Every time she was stuck in her own head, she pulled out the sharp razor blade she kept under her pillow. She dragged the blade across her skin again and again. She only felt relief when she saw a puddle of her own dark red blood. She hid all her secrets in her head and under her long sleeves.

She fell so deep into her dark, bottomless hole. She knew there was no escape and no one to catch her. She was hopeless and helpless. This time she was broken beyond repair. Then she made a plan that would fix all her problems. She had great confidence in her secret plan. Everyone saw for a couple of days Tacora seemed happy. No one gave her a second thought. No one noticed her.

Now everyone is whispering her name. Now everyone is noticing her, even though she is nowhere to be seen. Well, when they find you dead in your room surrounded by a pool of your dark red blood and a sharp blood covered razor blade in your hand, people start to notice. Now everyone pretends to be sad about a girl that blended into the background. Now everyone swears they didn’t realize she was so broken. Now everyone says they never noticed anything was wrong. But no one ever does until you’re gone.

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