January 31, 2013
By , Santa Rosa, CA
Daughters born at the age of 15. Locked in a cell at age of 15. Currently 17 and still got more time. Looks like I'll never get out. My spirit is breaking. The only thing holding me whole is Her. Her. Mother of my children, holder of my heart, & power for my spirit.

Nothing is ever as they say it is. She said she was faithful. She said she would wait for me. She said she loved me. Once in the cell, she never thought of me. Never wrote, didn't accept calls, didn't visit. I wonder why.

Know I know. She was busy. Busy loving someone else. She was busy keeping secrets. She was busy trying to keep me out of her mind. She was busy eloping with her new love, leaving her old life behind. Including her daughters.

My life is trashed. I'm starting to lose all hope. Starting to lose faith. Staring not to care. Until I saw their faces. The faces of 2 beautiful girls. They gave me hope, faith, and something to care for.

They are all I need to keep me strong. I don't need an unfaithful, cheating, lying, deceiving, conniving lady to keep me strong. My life finally has meaning after so much hopelessness. I will see them soon.

1 year later. Finally time to get out. My time has ended, and a new time begins. Time to step up as a father. Time to be a man. Time. I have all the time I want.

Time to move one and live a mew life with the 2 most beautiful girls in the world.

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