There he was, standing out in the crowd at the mixer that the student council puts on every year at the beginning of school. He had grown well over 3 feet, gotten contacts, developed a tan and chiseled face, and let his dark brown hair grow enough to curl adorably. It was the first time in two years I had seen him-Michael my ex boyfriend from back in Elementary school. He was fine first boy I'd ever gone out with.
To get a better look at him, I gathered up courage to ask him to dance,and he didn't run away screaming. We slowed danced.
After the mixer, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I realized that old crush I had on I'm was reviving itself, and I had to see him again.considering our history, I should have beaten my head with a board until I fell unconscious. To years before, we had dated for a month and then he told me that he loved me. I dumped him because of it. A week later, hen I told him what happened, we got back together. His friends kept telling him that I wasn't good enough for him that I was gonna break his heart. They told m the same thing. I guess they got the best of him, because a he dumped me a few weeks later on the phone.
Non of this mattered to me anymore. I wanted to get to know this ex boyfriend again, this intriguing stranger.
I decided to to take a walk and " just happen" to pass by his house.i walked passed it again, and again, and again.i wanted so badly to go up and knock on the door, but I was scared. What if he thought was a stalker?
I gathered some courage, headed up the walkway and banged in the door. I could hear his dogs going crazy. Soon Michael was standing at the front door.
"Hey." His reap voiced boomed.
"Hey" I managed to squeak," I was taking a walk and...uuuuum...I know this sounds wired ...but do you want to...uuuum...come for a walk with me?"
I was so articulating and intelligent sounding... NOT!
"Uh...sure" to my amazement, he went inside to get on his shoes, and before I knew it we were n our way, in the direction of my house.
We walked along and talked about what happened in our lives while we were apart. Michael used to be unbearably shy, but he didn't seem afraid to talk to me by more. We chatted on about ice hockey, school, my year at private school and everything else that we could manage. We wound up at a park near my house. Stopped and turned to face him when I reached he jungle gym. I curled one hand over the cool metal, leaning onto it.
"You know, I still have all the notes you used to write in 5th grade," I said teasing him.
"Really?"he smiled as his entire face lit up at the thought," I have all of your to"
"Aryou serious?" I didn't think he cared enough to keep them. I had thought myself sentimental, maybe even a little wierd for doing the exact same thing.
That's when I flt his hand close over mine. I lowered my gaze to tars a it. His other hand wound aroun my waist. I glanced up into his yes for a brief second, totally bewildered,and then, he kissed me.
Now I've been kissed before, but I still can feel his gentle lips pressing own against mine. It had to be he most impulsive thin he'd ever done. We just stood there kissing, until I realized what was going on.
As pulled away u whispered" nineteen more."
Whil we were together in 5th grade, Michael had given me a certificate that wasgoo for 20 kisses . We never used it. I think maybe he was afraid f me or maybe kissing, or both.
Michael didn't need me to explain it. He just smiled and leaned forward to kiss me again.

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Gothic_Boy_ said...
Nov. 14, 2013 at 9:56 am
I'm this guy
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Nov. 14, 2013 at 9:57 am
U changed my name though! I told you too!
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