Don’t Always Say ‘Don’t Do Drug!’

February 1, 2013
By Anonymous

Every teenager has heard their parents say ‘don’t do drugs’ at least once in their life, I hope. I know that my parents plowed don’t do drugs into my head since day one and many of my friends’ parents have put it into their heads too. I just wish that everyone had someone to tell them the effects on alcohol, tobacco and drug usage but, there are more kids out in the world that have parents who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and don’t care and never get that chance. One thing I do know is a reason that I tried tobacco and alcohol in my past was for the fact of I always got told to not to do it. I never go told about the side effects and, that is what I really needed to be told about and, the different types of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco.

My experience of using tobacco was good to a certain point. I know that I shouldn’t have ever done tobacco but, all my friends and siblings were and I didn’t see the harm. However, that was not the case. I became addicted to the nicotine extremely fast and my parents found out soon after. Soon after I became addicted to the nicotine I became addicted to alcohol. Any chance I got to smoke tobacco or drink alcohol I would take. There were many people who always tried to get me to get help but, I never tried. It wasn’t until the day that my brother’s best friend or the dude that I adored got admitted to the hospital.

He decided that he was going to take alcohol from one of his friend’s friend; it was Vodka in a Gatorade bottle. He wondered around town for eighteen to twenty hours having no idea where he was, where he lived, or even what his name was. No one ever figured out what was mixed with the alcohol but, we are pretty sure that it was a ‘date rape’ drug. We think that because many people that lived around the Hope Street neighborhood were trying to get rid of their ‘date rape’ drugs.

Many people nowadays are using ‘date rape’ drugs. People use ‘date rape’ drugs mainly at parties and at bars. The reason people use ‘date rape’ drugs is to normally get girls in a happier mood so that it will be easier to “get with” them. There isn’t just one type of ‘date rape’ drugs and they don’t all have the same side effects. However, don’t get me wrong, some of the ‘date rape’ drugs do have some or all of the same side effects. There are plenty of other drugs to so don’t ever think of a drug automatically being a ‘date rape’ drug. There are drugs come from rohypnol to GHB (gamma hydroxybutyric) to ketamine, but you can also hear these drugs called by other names, these are classified as street names. Rohypnol can also be called rophies or R-2, GHB can also be called liquid ecstasy or cherry meth and, ketamine can be called super acid or kit-kat. However, those aren’t the only street names for them. There are many other ‘date rape’ drugs and many other street names.

Honestly, the main reason I stopped was because the one that I adored decided he was going to stop drinking a lot and I figured I could do it too. I fully stopped drinking but, he still drinks on special occasions. I just ask him to not drink a whole lot because I want him to stay safe. I don’t like it when he drinks but, I’m not his mom I’m his girlfriend now! However, another reason I stopped drinking and smoking was because I never wanted a chance to get a drink at a party and it having ‘date rape’ drugs in it or even just take a cigarette from somebody because I got so addicted that I’d get mad without them and that have ‘date rape’ drugs in it. So, no matter who asks you to try what, please go ask others what that drug can do to your body. However, try your best to say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco!

The author's comments:
Well, we had to write a story on alcohol, tobacco and drugs and i decided to post it on here:)

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