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January 17, 2013
By magicghostmonster BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
magicghostmonster BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Our story begins on Christmas. There is a kid who has been waiting all year for this day to finally get this gift. There was nothing the kid wants more. Christmas morning the kid sprints down the steps at top speed. Ripping through the gifts, he reaches in one and feels some fur that moves when the kid touches it. The kid’s heart is racing. Can it be? It is! The kid lifts out a puppy! The best friend and best Christmas gift he has ever received. The magic of Christmas brought him a puppy!

Hold on. That seems a little over the top. Would a dog really be the best friend you’d ever had? Most dogs are friendly and are very loving to the humans who own them. When you have a good dog, that dog that will always be there for you. When you are sad, the dog can comfort you. When you are bored, the dog can be a source of entertainment. Not all dogs are the best friend you’ll ever have. Some aren’t that friendly, and they may just wonder why it is so hard to find good help these days. However, a good dog is the perfect non-human companion, and according to the Humane Society of the United States, 7.8 million dogs in America have happy owners.

I personally have had great dogs in my life. I have had a very special childhood because of these dogs. The first one was named Clio. I was really young when I had Clio, but I still have memories of her. She was an amazing frisbee dog and a super digger. The dog I have now is my favorite. His name is Mr. Bond. He is just a great dog altogether. He is very funny and will even try to climb trees to catch squirrels. He is always hungry and will come to beg at the table as if my family is starving him when he has just eaten a huge dinner. He is just the best dog ever. I love my dogs, and even though it was a long process to get them, they were worth it.

Although dogs can be a great addition to a family, some people are against getting dogs. I disagree. Some people say that dogs are too much work or think that dogs are all bad and would quickly leave you for a piece of meat. These people may be correct that many dogs prefer food over anything else, but that does not mean that you can’t have a strong connection with your dog, and not all dogs are very motivated by food. If you put in the effort, most dogs are very good, and don’t take as much work as people believe. Other people argue that dogs just make messes, poop, and make people sad when they die. For those people, there is too much responsibility involved in having a dog. Messes and poop, there is no way around, but you can’t define dogs by those two actions. Also, when dogs die, it is always sad, but you get to acknowledge the many good years you had with your dog. If you get a dog because you didn’t want to deal with it dying, then thats like saying that you don’t want any close friends or family, because they will die. One of the only indisputable reasons for not getting a dog is being allergic to dogs. However, that problem doesn’t apply to everyone, and isn’t something people can control. While dogs may have downsides, you can’t define dogs with those characteristics alone.

Dogs are companions. They have helped humans for about 15,000 years since they have been domesticated. Their companionship has led to people having great memories of experiences that you might never have thought that you would have. On The Bark magazine website, Karen B. London tells a story about her run on the beach with her dog. The story is just an ordinary day with her dog. In her story, you can see how a dog becomes an essential part of your everyday life. In the comments there are many other stories about the fun people have with their dogs, showing how great experiences are a standard part of living with a dog. Dog owners have a great experience with their dogs in many different ways. These ways can change over the course of the dog’s life. Good dogs are companions through their entire lives.

Dogs are not only great companions; they can also be very helpful. Everyone is familiar with seeing-eye dogs and other service dogs that help people get around, but dogs can even help with medical conditions. According to New news, a man named Alex Smith has a dog that is trained to predict when Alex will have a seizure. Although this dog was hard to get, having a dog who predicts when you have seizures is very helpful. With warning, you could get to the hospital, and be in better care when you have the seizure. Alex is proud of his dog, and is helped by it very often. His life is different because of his dog.

Not every dog will save your life, but every dog can change your life. Alex Smith’s life is also different with his new medical dog, and there are many people who have loved a dog that has changed their life. My dog is very amazing, and my own life is different because of him. Anyone who isn’t allergic to dogs should have a dog in their life. A dog can be very helpful and a great companion. Until the day the dog dies, you’ll be together with your dog, and after you will have many memories of your time with the dog. Dogs are the best pet, and I will always have a dog.

The author's comments:
This piece is about how people (who aren't allergic) should get dogs or have dogs in their lives.

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