My Tortured Soul

January 16, 2013
In all great stories there is always someone who gets double crossed. In this story, that person is me. I never saw it coming. With his blade in his hand, he stabbed me in the back. Feeling powerless and abandoned, I had a sickening feeling creeping up my spine. Crushed by his actions, I struggled to find my way back. I felt alone with no one to turn to. Once full of joy and faith, I changed into a shadow of myself. I felt incredibly pained, hiding behind pictures and memories. I had a hole in my heart, which only a cold empty spot remained. Betrayal is to blame. He didn’t know he hurt me but, his actions made me feel frozen in time. I thought he was my friend. I felt like I could trust him. He had all my confidence in his hand and he crushed it in his palms. Who knew words were so powerful? My secret should not have been exposed. If it were not for him, I would not have been the subject of the rumor. Yet he will soon see in no time that I will rise again. I am strong. I can overcome any obstacles that come my way, and I will get over this mountain.

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