I Love My Mom

January 10, 2013
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A Hamster; All I wanted at that innocent age of 9. I have believed at this point in my life, I have proven my worth as a responsible child. A non-expensive, easily the cutest-thing-ever-at-that-time-in-my-eyes, hamster; is it too much to ask for? Here I am, crying in my bedroom, thinking of ways to make my mother pay. Oh, I would make her pay, I would constantly say in my head.

“Jin, darling, I can’t allow you to have a hamster. You’ll get deathly sick because you’re allergic to them!” “ALLERGIC TO HAMSTERS!” I shrilled at her. I guess she did not remember the fact that when she forcefully decided to make me take piano lessons, the tutor’s house held TWO hamsters. And if I dare say, I’ve enjoyed my time there. Not because of the lessons -- no, the lessons were dreadful; Continuously playing chopsticks has been engraved to my brain. I would always beg my tutor to allow me to play with them. But, by being clever, she would allow me to play with them only if I successfully finished a lesson. So, being an obedient little boy, I did as she said. I missed those times playing with those two hamsters, little fuzzy, fat, light orange one named Bacon, and a midnight black, chubby, named Toast.

My bittersweet memories were interrupted the moment my mother walks into my bedroom. I dare not even to move a single part of my small body. Then on my pillow I was burrowed under, I felt a lightweight pressed down against it. I heard my mother’s footsteps fade away, quiet as a ninja. I lay there for a few more minutes to make sure it was clear. I slowly slid my head out from under the pillow. I looked on top of the pillow to see it a Brand New, Red Nintendo SP. The one thing in my life that I would never have dreamt of possessing. At that moment, all my anger and pain just flushed away – I love my mom.

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