Working Hard

January 9, 2013
By PriyaA SILVER, Mohali, Other
PriyaA SILVER, Mohali, Other
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I am not running away I am doing the only thing that I know how to do; working hard! It is all I have done my entire life, working hard for my grades, for extra-curricular activities. But it is not enough because it cannot over shadow the pain of loneliness I feel! I used to have a lot of friends or so I thought, their Facebook uploads remind me of my loneliness. They do not know that I get hurt when they "forget" to call me to parties that everyone else is invited to, they do not know that I cry at every picture where I could have been but wasn’t, they don’t know that I brood over how could I have done things differently! They do not know because they do not care about the "hard working nerd!" My family tells me, “do not run away from your problems, face them.” But I am not running away I am doing the only thing that I know, I am working hard!!

The author's comments:
I could no longer bottle it up so I did the only thing I knew how yo do, I wrote about it.

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